Product Details

Fiberglass Starch Trays

Advantages of Fiberglass Starch Trays

  • Fiberglass trays are suitable for all mogul lines; WDS, NID, Bosch Makat, Fast Track and others.

  • Can be used %100 as appropriate with your existing wood and other brand fiberglass trays on your Mogul line.

  • It works between -50 and 100 degrees without any problems. It provides perfect solution for products that need to be rested at high temperature like gum arabic, swedish fish and others.

  • It causes less fracture and deformation when compared to wooden trays.

  • Clean and hygienic as it can be washed without problems. Can be easily washed in suitable washing machines.

  • Has successfully passed all food compatibility and mechanical strength tests. As well as wooden trays, hygienic and healthy.

  • It increases the productivity in production  to its long time resistance.

  • All sizes and shapes can be easily produced.